Mailers and City Newspapers Reach Tentative Pact

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California Land Development

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The original expiration date for the map was }l4ay 3, On May 1,, the City Council approved a two-year extension of time, extending.

The IRS has issued guidance—Rev. The following discussion provides initial impressions of the guidance provided by Rev. The CARES Act allows a taxpayer to elect to waive the five-year carryback for taxable years beginning in , , and For taxable years beginning in and , this election is made by attaching to the relevant return a separate statement for each of taxable years or a specific statement for each year for which the taxpayer intends to make the election.

The election statement must state that the taxpayer is electing to apply section b 3 under Rev. Once made, the election is irrevocable. A taxpayer may also elect to exclude section years from the carryback period.

Tentative R2v3 Transition Timelines

On Aug. The temporary final rule continues to allows non-E-Verify employers with properly filed H-2A extension of stay petitions to hire H-2A workers currently employed by a different company beginning on or after the date USCIS receives the extension of stay petition as stated on the Form I receipt notice , but no earlier than the start date of employment listed on the H-2A petition. Under this temporary final rule, you, the new, non-E-Verify employer may employ the H-2A worker while the extension petition is pending, for a period not to exceed 45 days starting from the date of the receipt notice, or until USCIS denies your petition or you withdraw the petition, whichever comes first.

Employers of H-2A workers continuing employment with the same employer or with a new employer that is enrolled in E-Verify should continue to follow current Form I-9 guidance provided in the Handbook for Employers — Section 6.

Where data from accelerated studies are used to project a tentative expiration drug product containing the active ingredient if the expiration dating period of.

Nor shall a city, county, or city and county withhold or refuse to issue a building permit or equivalent permit for failure to conform with or perform any conditions that the city, county, or city and county could have lawfully imposed as a condition to the previously approved tentative or parcel map. If the map is determined not to be consistent with applicable zoning and general plan requirements in effect when the application is filed, the legislative body or advisory agency may deny or conditionally approve an extension for a period of 24 months.

Prior to the expiration of an approved or conditionally approved tentative map, upon an application by the subdivider to extend that map, the map shall automatically be extended for 60 days or until the application for the extension is approved, conditionally approved, or denied, whichever occurs last. This extension shall be in addition to any extension provided for in Sections Assembly Bill No.

An act to amend Section of, and to add Section AB , Bocanegra.

SLIMStat – Shelf Life Projection. Simplified.

The Corporation is planning to commence the rights offering to raise capital to accelerate its restructuring efforts, improve its overall liquidity, reduce its indebtedness, and for other general corporate purposes. The dividend of the subscription rights must be settled within two business days of the transaction date, so to be considered a shareholder of record you must own the stock in your brokerage account as of PM ET on Thursday, August 13, , which is two trading days before the record date of Monday, August 17, The proposed rights offering will also include an over-subscription privilege, which will entitle each rights holder that exercises all its basic subscription privileges in full the right to purchase additional units that remain unsubscribed at the expiration of the rights offering.

completed, can be time-consuming tentative expiration date is verified cycle. Initial stability studies are required for product registration purposes and set.

The information on this page is current as of April 1 The results of such stability testing shall be used in determining appropriate storage conditions and expiration dates. The written program shall be followed and shall include:. Accelerated studies, combined with basic stability information on the components, drug products, and container-closure system, may be used to support tentative expiration dates provided full shelf life studies are not available and are being conducted.

Where data from accelerated studies are used to project a tentative expiration date that is beyond a date supported by actual shelf life studies, there must be stability studies conducted, including drug product testing at appropriate intervals, until the tentative expiration date is verified or the appropriate expiration date determined. Standard of Potency” are exempt from the requirements of this section. Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.

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Answers to many of the questions faculty are asking about the Tentative Agreement can be found here. CFA believed an extension agreement made sense if it included salary increases that would not erode the progress we won in the Fight for Five last year and protected faculty benefits from takeaways. After walking away from the informal discussions over the summer, CSU management recently approached CFA again and indicated the Chancellor was serious about reaching labor peace with faculty.

We obtained a list of all drugs approved or tentatively approved under the approval to extract: the applicant name at the time of approval (if different from the drug; the expiration date of the last expiring patent; any non-patent exclusivity;​.

SLIMStat is extremely easy-to-use software developed and validated specifically to determine the shelf life of drug products that have been placed on stability. This interactive and intuitive tool empowers non-statisticians the ability to generate statistical analyses with complete confidence. Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Accelerated Storage Conditions Analysis. It features multiple levels of security, including prompted password expiry, a time-out procedure, the ability for each SLIMStat user to have different security rights, and a full audit trail.

No guesswork! Tentative expiration dating periods may be estimated by processing accelerated stability data using the Arrhenius Equation The shelf life may be predicted at any valid temperature with the click of a button Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Pooled Batches screen Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Standard Storage Conditions Model Analysis Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Accelerated Storage Conditions Analysis.

Trend Analysis. Easily predicts a future result trend based on user specified target date. Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the Trend Analysis. Simply select a result to examine and SLIMStat can immediately determine if it is statistically OOT or not and will notate accordingly OOT determinations can be made for a data point within a single batch or for a data point across many batches Choice of using Prediction Interval or the Standard Deviation about the Regression Line using either the calculated Std Dev or can input the known Std Dev of the Population Click the thumbnail to see a larger image of the OOT Determination screen.

Back Calculation Of Purity. The user can enter a target time in units of hours, days, weeks, or months, depending on the time units of the displayed analysis to calculate the initial purity of the drug required to obtain the desired projection or expiration date. By stability professionals. For stability professionals.

Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation Announces Tentative Calendar for Proposed Rights Offering

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The applicant should propose a tentative expiration date on the basis of NOTE: The expiration date period should begin at the time of.

The approval or conditional approval of a tentative subdivision map shall expire 24 months from its approval by either the Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors, whichever occurs last. The Planning Commission may grant an initial approval for an additional period of 12 months. However, if in connection with a tentative map for which the filing of multiple final maps is authorized pursuant to SCC If the tentative subdivision map is on property subject to a development agreement authorized by Cal.

An extension to the expiration date may also be approved as provided in SCC The period of time specified in subsection A of this section shall not include any period of time during which a lawsuit has been filed and is pending in a court of competent jurisdiction involving the approval or conditional approval of a tentative subdivision map only if a stay of the time period is approved by the Planning Commission. After service of the initial petition or complaint upon the county, the subdivider may, in writing to the Planning Director, request a stay in the time period of the tentative subdivision map.

Time Waits for No Map: Strategies to Extend the Life of a Tentative Subdivision Map

This article discusses steps that can add life to existing tentative subdivision map approvals until such time as development opportunities improve. Establish the expiration date. As obvious as it may sound, the expiration date of the tentative map is not always readily apparent.

Elk, Deer and Antelope – The Department will not publish tentative an expiration date valid through the time period in which the drawing will.

Automatic Time Extension. Pursuant to California Government Code Section The expiration of all project related permits or approvals, which were granted concurrently, shall be extended by two years, provided said permits or approvals have not expired on or before July 15, This section shall automatically sunset on January 1, , unless Government Code Section The city planner may administratively, without a public hearing or notice, extend the time within which the right or privilege granted under a tentative map is valid, subject to the following:.

Prior to the expiration date of the tentative map, the subdivider shall submit a written request for a time extension, along with payment of the application fee contained in the most recent fee schedule adopted by the city council. Provided the written request for a time extension is timely filed, the tentative map shall be automatically extended for 60 days or until a decision to approve, conditionally approve or deny the request is rendered, whichever occurs first; however, if a time extension is granted, it shall be based on the original approval date.

The city planner shall extend the tentative map for an additional two years, if the following findings are made:. The tentative map remains consistent with the general plan, all titles of this code and growth management program policies and standards in place at the time the extension is considered;. Circumstances have not substantially changed since the tentative map was originally approved;.

The city planner may grant no more than three two-year extensions, for a total cumulative time extension of six years;. All project related permits or approvals, which were granted concurrently, shall be extended to expire concurrently with the tentative map, provided such permits or approvals remain consistent with the general plan, all titles of this code and growth management program policies and standards in place at the time the extension is considered;.